Real Estate Websites/Blogs/and Social Media

87% if all real estate transactions begin online.
People are looking for a home or a real estate agent.
The most important factor of a choosing a real estate agent according to CAR was how useful their web page was.

Takes the best of Static Websites and Social Media. It’s fresh, and professional.
Three Most Important Elements of a Blog
1. Purpose Driven – Professional Layout, Design, and Tools – Branding
2. Right Content — Provide Value, how much can you provides so that in return they’re willing to be your client.
3. Location – It’s gotta show up on Google.

MLS listings – People want to be able to search homes for sale from real estate websites.
Learn About the Real Estate Agent
Pictures, Virtual tours
Static – out of Date, Looks Like an Add, Lose credibility when it’s out of date.

Social Media
Fresh Information
Negatives – Come off as Unprofessional.

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