Cornerstone Buyer Activity for 2009

Cornerstone Real Estate - The Number 1 Choice for Buyers in Cache County in 2009
Cornerstone Real Estate is the number 1, brokerage for home buyers in Cache County. Cornerstone agents helped 139 different buyers in 2009 complete the real estate transaction. That is complete the transaction for homes sold that were listed on the MLS.

So what type of homes did they buy during 2009?

Well the median price of homes sold in 2009 was $163,950. This means that half of the homes purchased using Cornerstone Real Estate agents were less than this amount, and half were more than $163,950.

The average price of homes purchased was $182,068. The least expensive property purchased was just $64,900, and the most expensive was $895,000. These homes purchased using Cornerstone real estate agents were on the market for an average of eighty days before the offer was accepted.

Where were these houses located?

The bulk of the properties sold were Cache Valley Homes, but there were really homes sold all over Northern Utah.

One of  the properties sold was was in Tooele, one in Salt Lake and one in Provo.  We also represented buyers for the purchase of eight different homes in Davis County, and  Nine properties located in Weber County. This is where we just opened our new office, so expect these home sales to be up a lot more in 2010.

In Cache County, Cornerstone Agents also represented buyer for the purchase of two homes in Clarkston, four homes in Hyde Park, nine homes in Hyrum, one house in Lewiston, forty-five homes in Logan, six homes in Mendon, three homes in Millville, eight homes in Nibley, three homes in North Logan, a home in Paradise, ten homes in Providence, four homes in Richmond, 13 homes in Smithfield, five homes in Wellsville, and one property in Petersboro.

We also represented buyers on four home sales in Box Elder County, three of these where homes in Tremonton.

Congratulations Cornerstone Real Estate Professionals, on being the number one choice for home buyers. We look forward to having  a great 2010.

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