Logan Utah Real Estate Market Conditions, Statistics, and Information: Multi Family Home Sales in Logan Improving

Home Sales of Multi Family Homes in Logan, Duplexes, Triplexes, and Fourplexes are improving. They are definitely not outstanding, but over the last three months they have been up compared with the rest of the year.

There are currently 9 Duplexes for Sale in Logan, and 26 Tri and Fourplexes for Sale. This includes most of the Multi-Family properties for sale in Cache County. Outside of Logan there are three additional duplexes for sale found in Smithfield and Hyrum, and one additional fourplex for sale.

In the last year 15 Duplexes in Cache County have sold. With the current 12 on the market, this gives Cache County 9.6 months of inventory at the annual rate. But, during the last three months 5 Cache County Duplexes have sold. This is just 7.2 months of inventory at the past three month pace.

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