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Here is a really neat blog that was written by Shelby Cardall.

1. Sales will improve over the next 2 years but not reach normal trend levels until 2012

2. US home sales will be 15% higher in 2010

3. The US bottom for home prices may not hit until mid 2010 due to Obama’s loan modification plan. This plan delayed many foreclosures that will now come onto the market next spring causing prices to drop again.

4. US home prices could increase 3 to 5 percent next year once the distressed homes sales begin to decline.

5. Utah home prices will bottom by spring or summer 2010.

So, we are on the mend. Now is a great time to buy and the outlook is getting better for sellers. In todays market the most important factor for sellers is to price their home right. For ideas on this please visit my sellers section or give me a call!

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