Changes to the Utah MLS

For those of us in the Real Estate world one of the big changes happening this week is the conversion to a new MLS. While this mostly effects the way Realtors do things, it will also have an impact on home buyer’s abilities to query and find Logan Homes for Sale online by giving them more flexibility to find what they are looking for.

Here are some of the new features that will happen to the Realtor MLS, and might also then create additional features on our IDX search for the general public:

New Map for Locating the Property’s location – This time it’s google maps that the agents can actually control, instead of five year old out of date maps. This should help with the IDX feeds, that always seem to be in the wrong place. If you’ve used our real estate map search, you know what I’m talking about. Real Estate agents can also use GPS coordinates. This will be great for trying to find rural properties out in the boonies.

One stupid thing is that Realtor’s can’t currently enter the city by the city name. They can only zip codes. It’s usually easier for people to remember city names rather than zip codes. But if they don’t change this, I guess it will help Realtor’s to get smarter.

HOA Details – Another nice thing is that there are more details about the HOA information including the HOA President contact information. These can now all be found on the MLS. That’s something that is always difficult for buyers agents to find, but something that is really important to have when you are interested in a home that is part of a Home Owners Association.

Effective Age – The new MLS also has an “effective age” this is great help to give buyers an idea of how modern older houses are. I’m not sure how effective age is determined, but if a standard is set, this is a great tool for finding those old but modernly restored homes.

Accessibility Features – There are also new accessibility features, ways to specify if homes are handicapped accessible. This allows handicap people to search specifically for homes that have things like ramps, porch lifts, wide hallways, wide doors and more.

Animals – There will also be new searches by Animals, this will be more effective for people looking for horse properties, or for people buying in condo associations when you have pets.

Environmental certifications – homes can be classified by being more energy efficient, having, efficient windows, 95% efficient furnaces and more.

Other new classifications include instantaneous hot water, and theatre rooms. Things that houses didn’t ever have a decade ago. Landscaping can also be searched for things like waterfalls and xeriscaped no maintenance yards.

Overall, this new MLS should be an improvement on the way consumers are able to view homes for sale, and find what they are actually looking for. It should save consumers and Realtors time by making home searches more efficient.

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