Is it a good time to sell your Logan Utah Home?

Are you wondering if it’s a good time to sell your home in Cache Valley? The answer really lies in what the price will be. If you are going to price it less than $160,000, you probably have a really good chance of selling it. If it’s going to be more expensive than this, the more difficult time you will likely have selling.

Last year the median price point for Logan Utah Homes was just over $160,000. This means that half of the homes that sold were less than $160k, while the other half were more expensive. On the market right now, there are twice as many homes for sale priced above $160,000 as below.

This chart below shows the number of current homes for sale by price range, and the number of days on market for both homes actively listed and that sold last year.

Cache County homes priced above $500,000 are having a very difficult time selling. Last year just eight of these high end homes sold. There are currently 44 homes priced above half a million on the market. On average these homes have already been on the market for 310 days.

via Logan Utah Real Estate.

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