Number of Short Sales in Cache County Remain Stable

Monthly Number of Short Sales in Cache County, Utah

For the third straight month there are exactly 47 short sales in Cache County Utah. 13 of these short sale homes are found in Logan while the remaining 34 are found in the outlying communities in Cache Valley. While the number of short sale homes for sale has remained the same, the percentage of Cache County homes for sale that are short sales has actually declined, because the number of total residential home listings has gone up. There are currently 747 active residential listings in Cache Valley, meaning that 700 of the homes for sale are not short sales. 6.29 percent of the current listings are seeking short sale approval.

via Logan Utah Real Estate: Cache Valley Short Sales Remain Stable.

This is good news for the Logan Real Estate market. It shows that prices haven’t dropped to drastically. Areas where prices have substantially declined are seeing much higher percentages of short sales. There is no other way they can sell their homes because the current values compared with the loan values just aren’t in sync.

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