Cornerstone Real Estate Agents aka. Logan City Basketball Champions

One of the nice things about Cornerstone Real Estate agents, is that we are real people. We have real lives and do things besides real estate once in a while. We also have a few pretty stellar basketball players.

Last night was the Championship Basketball game for Rec League Basketball in Logan City. One of the teams in the Leage was the Cornerstone team composing of real estate agents: Alan Barker, Benjamin Brown, Robert Brown, Taylor Clark (who missed the latter part of the season due to an achilles injury), Ty Haguewood, Andy King, Kaleb Kunz, and Mathew Payne. We also had a few non agents play for our team who we closely work with in the real estate business, Mortgage Lender John Neil, and Title Officer Mason Smith.

We signed up to play as part of an “Industrial League,” where, a group of out of shape co-workers can play basketball against teams from other companies. Well, it didn’t work out that way. There weren’t enough company teams, so we also ended up playing against basketball teams that were made up of basketball fanatics who live and breathe basketball. Did that stop us? Nope.

After a mediocre regular season where our record was 5 wins 4 losses we entered the playoffs. We won close games in both the first and second rounds, and then made the Championship game.

The team we played against in the Championship game had 3 players taller than 6’5”. In our first meeting with this team we lost by 42 points. But this time, we were playing for a Rec Center Championship T-Shirt. After a slow start, things continued to get worse and in the end….well, they killed us. The game wasn’t even close.

But to our suprise, at the games conclusion we were given Championship T-Shirts anyways.

So, according to the T-shirts. The Cornerstone Real Estate basketball team consists Champions.

Congradulations Cornerstone Ballers.

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