Logan Landlord Licensing Official

  • Starting July 1st, Landlords in Logan Utah will be required to have a special landlord license. These licenses cost $50, and of course will require some paperwork

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    • The Logan Municipal Council voted unanimously to approve a new landlord licensing ordinance effective July 1.

    • Under the new ordinance a landlord will pay $50 for a license but the next year the cost will be only $10 for those who complete a "good landlord" education program.

3 Responses to “Logan Landlord Licensing Official”

  1. Rick Rose says:

    The whole thing is gross distortion of the facts about Logan’s rental market. It has improved over the last 14 or so years that I have been working in them.

    The ordinance was proposed by James Geire (head city planner). At the workshop where this was presented, he said this was HIS ordinance. This did not come from the people.

    In fact, the people have though 2 hearings, and workshops have been wildly opposed to it. At this final hearing was opposed 10 to 1. The only 2 people that spoke in favor of it were the city officials friends. The city council knew so little about the ordinances on the books already that people were blown away. You had to be there to appreciate that fact fully. After all that, the Logan City Council voted for it 5 to 0 against the will of the people. It is outrageous.

    This new ordinance does nothing more for the “Health and Safety” of the people than already exists in current law. It does however reqire property owners to go though an unfair grandfathering system, and gives more money to a new layer of government, and power to bureaucrats that do not contribute to the GNP in our fragile economy. It is a blow to property rights in Logan, UT., and what happens in Logan city government does not stay in Logan. Rick Rose

  2. Alan Barker says:

    Thanks for the insight Rick. It’s good to hear from someone who actually knows the details regarding the ordinance.

    That’s what governments are doing all over the nation. Finding ways to add “fees” to generate revenue without having to say they are tax increases.

  3. Poor Student says:

    The City Council is looking to line their own pockets and increase its domain over all us little people unworthy to make our own decisions. As a student I need to keep my costs down. If a rental is too trashy or too expensive, I won’t live there. I do not need the government telling me what is good or bad for me. My tastes, and needs, and ability to haggle with my landlord are unique to me. It’s a contract between me and the landlord. The government getting involved where they are not wanted, only adds greater costs to the renter and the government gets to profit for creating a problem where non existed before. Not to mention that the heavy arm of government reaches into the landlord’s life to regulate and harass him.
    Those classes sound like a real scam. Waste your day in their program so you can be “government approved”. What a joke! Maybe the city council, the class instructors, and the students should take a class from a real landlord to understand the valuable service they provide.
    Thank you Rick Rose for standing up against tyranny in behalf of landlords and all of us ignorant students.

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