New Real Estate Search Feature: Walk Score

Gas prices are nearly up to $3.00 a gallon again, and the weather in Northern Utah is starting to get warm. Is your house located somewhere where you can walk to stores, schools, and resturants? Is this something you have considered when shopping for your home?

Well the Cornerstone Home Search websites: and have a new Walk Score Feature to help you make home buying decisions if walk distances is important too you.

The walk score feature shows your distance to Grocery Stores, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Bars, Movie Theaters, Schools, Parks, Libraries, Bookstores, Gymns, Drug Stores, Hardware Stores, and more. It also gives you a “Walk Score” that shows how your location comares to other areas within the same city. The higher the walk score, the closer the house is to popular attractions.


Knowing your walk score can provide value in comparing the different potential homes for sale.

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