Why it is a good time to make your home more Energy Efficient

Rebates from Questar for Making your home more energy efficient.

On Thursday I had some new attic insulation installed in my house. My attic had some pretty pathetic insulation, especially for a house in Logan Utah where the weather isn’t exactly mild.

Having the additional insulation put in seemed like the logical thing to do. Right now there are rebates being offered by both Questar, and Rocky Mountain Power (for those living outside of Logan), as well as Tax Credits for making homes more energy efficient. After these credits and rebates, my utility savings should make up for the cost in less than a year.  This will result in more money staying in my pockets each additional year, as well as the fact that I will also be helping to preserve natural resources and save the environment.

From a real estate, and home selling perspective it is also beneficial to add insulation to your home for a couple of reasons:

1. The home buyer may ask for additional insulation to be added to your attic after the home inspection. One of the things home inspectors usually check, is the amount of insulation in an attic. If the insulation is low, it is not uncommon for buyers to request this be fixed as part of their repairs addendum. This might be something you’re going to have to pay for additionally anyways, so you might as well pay for it now while you have the tax credits and rebates available, and while you can enjoy the savings of a better insulated house.

2. Potential buyers often check the utility bills homes have before writing up an offer. Utility companies will tell you the high, low, and average monthly bill over the past year. If a house has abnormally large utility bills, the buyer may not even consider your home. The utility bill is another regular cost they will have to calculate into what they can really afford. Having low utility bills can be a selling point.

If there’s ever been a good time to make your home more energy efficient, that time is now.

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