Logan Real Estate Market, How does it Compare with the Rest of Utah

Real Estate in Logan Utah was improved during the first quarter, especially  during March when home sales were substantially better. So how does the Logan Real Estate market compare with the rest of Utah? Here are some home sales numbers comparing other areas March home sales and inventory numbers:

City    Year Over Year Improvement    Price Change    Months of Inventory
Clearfield Real Estate 14.81%    -4.45%    6.15
Salt Lake Real Estate 35.21%    -15.17%    7.13
Layton Utah Real Estate 21.21%    -7.74%    7.3
West Jordan Real Estate 21.90%    -6.36%    7.65
Draper Real Estate -16.39%    -6.00%    7.86
Herriman Real Estate -13.64%    -7.09%    7.89
Sandy Ut Real Estate 19.27%    -11.36%    8.12
West Valley Real Estate 35.06%    -8.99%    8.44
Bountiful Utah Real Estate 21.88%    -3.85%    8.63
Ogden Utah Real Estate 20.00%    2.42%    9.06
Box Elder County 47.62%    3.13%    9.16
South Jordan Real Estate 1.82%    -3.38%    10.15
North Ogden Real Estate 27.78%    -12.56%    11.06
Salt Lake Condo Sales 6.25%    -6.64%    12.88
Cache County Real Estate 16.25%    -10.03%    14.46

These numbers are just of March Sales only, so the sample size is probably not big enough to provide an accurate estimate of how real estate market trends really are. A few abnormal homes that happened to sell in a particular city could greatly change the numbers.

There isn’t really a clear cut area where the real estate market is substantially better than the others. Clearfield does appear to be the most balanced of the cities in this sample. It saw less than a 4% drop in the median price of homes sold, and has the lowest monthly inventory based on March’s home sales.

One interesting thing to notice is that many of the areas that had high year over year march home sale improvements, like Cache County, still have high levels of inventory. With the number of homes for sale in Cache Valley, I think it is safe to say that we don’t have the healthiest real estate market in Utah anymore.

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