Open Houses Weekend in Logan – April 10th

Open Houses for Logan Utah - April 10th 2010The National Association of Realtors is promoting a big “Open House Weekend” this upcoming weekend. For Cache Valley, it will actually just be Saturday, but there should be a lot more “Open Houses” than normal.  There also should be a good deal of advertisement promoting it, so it should be a good time for sellers to have an open house, as there may actually be a few potential buyers who show up.

Traditionally, open houses in Logan are pretty ineffective. There are rarely more than a handful of lookers who actually come view the homes, and most of the people that look are just curious neighbors. I have only ever heard of one home selling in Cache County as result of an Open House.

The timing of this open house weekend though should be pretty good though. The weather should finally be nice after a long dreary Cache Valley winter, and with the expiration of the home buying tax credit just a few weeks away, there are plenty of “motivated” buyers out there.

In general, open homes are a nice way for potential buyers to get a feel for prices of homes for sale, and what to expect, without being really committed towards buying.

Here is a list of some of the homes that should be open to the public sometime this Saturday, April 10th, 2010. Cache Valley Open Houses.

You can also use this link to view all of the current Logan Utah Homes for Sale.

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  1. Are prices for houses returning to normal in your area?

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