Do You have a vacant, high end home? Consider Home Tending

I have blogged several times before about the huge surplus of real estate inventory for high end homes in Cache Valley. The potential of these homes selling any time soon is just plain not good. Sellers of these properties need to be realistic, and if they have to move and leave them vacant, they really should consider home tending. Here are 10 reasons why owners of Vacant Homes should consider home tending, provided by Prestige Home Tending.

1) Professional Staged home resembling a model home: We will place a quality person in the home to care for it while it is on the market. These home tenders must have nice furniture to even qualify and we will have a professional staging company come out and arrange the home like a model home. We have found that a beautifully staged and decorated home will sell much quicker and for a higher amount than an empty vacant home.

2) Home tenders pay all utilities: Home owner will save money by not having to pay any utilities including electricity, heat, etc.

3) Tax incentive: By having someone living in the home as their primary residence, the home owner will no longer have to pay 100% of the property tax, but will pay 55% saving a substantial amount of money each year.

4) Less chance of vandalism: A vacant home is a prime target for vandalism. By having someone living in the home you can have peace of mind that the home will be protected and someone will be there the moment a pipe bursts or if any other damages occur.

5) Insurance coverage: I have spoken with many different insurance companies. Only one so far has said they would cover a vacant home but it would cost the home owner 5 times more in order to do so. All of the other companies I have spoken with said if they find out the home has been vacant for more than 30 days they have the right to cancel the policy immediately. Also, If they don’t know the home is vacant and you have to file a claim because of water damage or whatever it may be, they most likely won’t cover it when they come in and see no one is living there. Insurance companies strongly discourage keeping a home vacant.

6) Regular home inspections: We make regular home inspections bi-weekly to make sure the home is kept up to standard and looks like the “model home look” we expect. If the home isn’t up to standard we can address the issue immediately.

7) Outstanding service by our company: We are a smaller company and usually have just a handful of homes at a time; therefore we are able to give the home the personal attention that it deserves. I am also very easy to get a hold of on my cell phone.

8) Enhanced curb appeal: The home tenders will keep your home looking its best by taking care of all the yard work including mowing the lawn, weeding, and snow removal.

9) Home tenders carry liability insurance on the home just in case any accidental damages occur (have not had a problem yet- knock on wood!)

10) It’s FREE!!! You don’t have to pay anything for this service. We get paid by the monthly fee we charge the home tender to live in the home.

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  1. I really enjoyed staying in someone else’s home while they were away, not only did it give them a sense of security, it was a great way for me to live!


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