Logan Land Lord Licensing Required Tomorrow

Logan Land Lord Licensing

Tomorrow it’s official.

Landlords of properties located in Logan Utah need to have business license. There needs to be a license for each business entity, so if you own properties under different LLC’s, they’ll each need their own license. Accessory dwellings (mother in law apartments) are supposed to have these business licenses. Even a owner who lives in a house with two roommates, technically is supposed to have a landlord license.

Why does Logan City want to require landlord licenses?

They want an additional source of income and it seems like the real purpose is to find more non legal duplexes in Logan. I think they see this is a step in their master plan of revitalizing Logan, to get rid of some of the scary rentals out there. Sometimes these properties don’t make much sense as duplexes anyways so they could be good opportunities for real estate investors wanting to turn them back into single family homes.

While it will officially takes place tomorrow, there is still a 30 day grace period to license, so technically these licenses aren’t needed until August 30th.

On Street Parking Permits

Permits can be purchased for $50 for access to park on the street for rental properties and such that don’t have adequate parking. This means that residents can park on the street even during winter.

Grandfathering Duplexes

To prove grandfathered duplexes you need to not only have the grandfathered letter, but they still want to see the evidence of continual rentals. The city is not good at keeping these records. Now, grandfathered permits are posted on the title, but older records are very hard to keep track of.

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