One Month Until Logan Landlord License Law Takes Effect

On July 1st, one month from today it will be law that all owners of rental properties in Logan will be required to have landlord licenses. Here is some more information about the licensing process provided by Mark Lunt of Catalyst Property Management.

  • Once the application is turned in the City will give about 6 months for those with “compliance issues” (aka grandfathering) to go through the process.
  • If you are running into roadblocks with “grandfathering” a property we have a 28 point checklist and years of experience with the process and so we might be able to assist you.
  • Inspections of the properties is not a requirement of LL, they are part of the “grandfathering” process.
  • The licensing fee is $50.00 a year unless the owner or manager takes a “good landlord” class then the licensing fee is dropped to $10.00. The class is $40.00 and so there is no savings the first year but the class will get you the discounted rate for the second year.
  • Continuing education credits are available for the “good landlord” class. There is a lot of good information and I recommend taking the class.
  • If an owner has several properties in their and/or their spouses name only one license is necessary, but a separate license is necessary for each separate LLC.
  • Owners of properties that reside out of the state will need to list a local representative on the application.
  • One possible positive aspect of the licensing is that if there is police activity at a rental property the owner will receive an email notification allowing owners to resolve problems in a quick proactive manner. The implementation date of police notification is unknown at this time.

If you have other questions, Mark has taken it upon himself to be the rental expert of Logan. You can call him at (435) 294-2445 or for questions about Landlord Licensing call Kristen Clifford of Logan City (435) 716-9036

Here is a schedule of when the Landlord License Classes will be Held:


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