Red Flags to Look Out for When Buying a Home

At our office meeting today, Dell Keck a local handyman and science teacher at the Cache High alternative school talked to us about some “RED FLAGS” when buying real estate. Dell used to be a Home Inspector in Las Vegas and ran across all kinds of safety issues while inspecting homes. He now works as a Cache Valley Handy man for his company Mentally Awake LLC, and his specialty is with mold repairs and removal. He also does all sorts of Handyman jobs big and small during the summers when he’s not teaching school.

Here are some red flags to look out for when buying a home:

  • Exterior Electrical – If it doesn’t look right, it probably isn’t right.
  • Attic trusses that are broken.
  • Basins and Tarps in the attic to catch links
  • Missing or Falling Shingles
  • Flat Spots in Roofs that trap water.
  • Low slope roofs that have shingles
  • Water Damage on the bottom of Walls
  • Grades where the yard slopes towards the house.
  • Sprinklers that water the house.
  • Exposed Aluminum Wiring
  • Duct Tape as a Replacement of Tile, or other water sealants.
  • Water Damage from Pipes that weren’t properly sealed.
  • Disconnected Pipes, especially if they are galvanized and have rusted.
  • Leaking Water Tanks
  • Water Tanks should be 18 inches off the ground if in a garage. The fumes from the car could cause something bad.
  • Non Fire Walls. Wood should be covered by sheet rock on stair cases and interior walls.
  • Cracked and Rusted Furnaces, especially old furnaces – Can leak carbon monoxide. Furnace flames should be blue. Not red and yellow.
  • Air Conditioning Units too close to plants that don’t have enough room for air.
  • AC units that aren’t level.
  • Foundation Settling
  • Wood contact with dirt in foundations- It’s a termite danger, which then leads to a structural danger.
  • Trees Covering Chimneys
  • Doors that Don’t Close Properly

In general the biggest and most common problems usually have to do with water. His advise is don’t let a leak go! A minimal problem now can become a huge expensive problem later. Clean and seal.

If you’re looking to buy Logan Real Estate, and have a home inspection done that reveals issues, Dell would be happy to provide free estimates of the cost to make the repairs. This way you have a concrete number you can ask the seller to provide in order to make the repairs.

To contact Dell Keck for Cache Valley Handyman work you can call him at (801) 669-3664 or email him

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