Facing Foreclosure? The Neighborhood Non Profit Organization Can Help

The fact is, many Cache Valley residents are experiencing hard financial times. Even here in Logan, foreclosures are happening. Foreclosures are primarily caused by loss or decreases in household income. Many homes that are foreclosing, don’t actually have to go through foreclosure though. There are options for people having difficulties making their house payments, people just don’t know where to look. 57% of people going into foreclosure never ask for help due to embarrassment or other reasons.

One organization that can help those facing foreclosure is the Neighborhood Non Profit Organization. They offer FREE advise to those experiencing financial difficulties. NNHC Has special relationships with many lenders. They understand the HAFA program, they can better get lenders to cooperate with people facing foreclosures.

The Neighborhood Non Profit Organization examines each situation and goes through things like budgeting, and general finance as well as explains the different options home owners have. They also know how different lenders work, and what each individual bank wants to see. They can give advice towards encouraging a short sale, getting a loan modification, or a deed in lieu of foreclosure. This is the source for Box Elder and Cache County and is where people should go before the notice of default is even received. Another source to go for information about preventing foreclosures is:


You can call the Foreclosure Prevention Program Manager at (435) 753-1112

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