Tax Record Assessed Home Values Down for Logan

It’s that time of year again where the Cache County Assessor sends out “property tax” notifications. This nice letter lets you know what the county thinks your property is worth, and how much your property taxes will be going UP the next year (Okay, so property taxes don’t always go up, just usually.)

Last year the experts at the property valuation department raised the property values of almost all homes in Cache Valley, even though in reality home prices in Cache County declined. This caused a lot of controversy, and kept the appeals department very busy. I got dozens of request from people who wanted CMA’s done, so they could appeal their property tax. I personally appealed the assessed tax value on two of my properties, and got both of them, plus my taxes due lowered.

Well this year, Cache County decided to wise up. Rather than increase the amount of property taxes because “property values went up” they actually lowered property values, but just let you know that if the “proposed budget” is passed, your property taxes will go up anyways. This way we can’t get our property taxes lowered by pointing out their errors. From the two notices I have received so far, my Logan Homes decreased in value by about 6%. My Logan Duplex that had an estimated Tax Value of $200,000 before my appeal last year, is now valued at $169,000.

via Cache County Real Estate Values Down – According to Property Tax Values.

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