The Best Property Management Company in Logan – Catalyst Property Management

It seems like property management companies in Logan have one goal: collect rent from the tenants and take their percentage out as profit.

Well there’s one Property Management Company in Logan Utah that has a little different focus. And this focus is very valuable to real estate owners and renters. Catalyst Property Management is different, and it offers some things that by far make it the best value for any landlord in Cache Valley who wants a property manager.

Focus on the Buildings being Managed – One of the key differences Catalyst has is that they focus on the building they manage. Real Estate owners don’t have to spend a lot of money on the property because it looks nice, and people will actually rent it out quickly. Some properties in Logan are so run down, Catalyst has contracted with interior designers who do bids for the owner with suggestions of how to best repair and update things. These bids give the owner multiple options of things they can do to improve the properties, and how much more rent the improvements will yield.

All owners have a 60 point inspection done twice a year, when the sprinklers are turned on and off. They look at everything in the house to make sure it is in good repair, and do valuable maintenance tasks such as replace furnace filters. This maintenance helps prevent minor problems from becoming future crisis’s. It also helps reduce vacancy, helps the owner get top dollar for rent, and protects the owners real estate investment.

Focus on Tenants – Catalyst has an online system for renters, renters can pay rent online, using auto pay, credit cards, etc. They also are prompt at responding to tenants needs, as well as potential renters looking for new Logan rental homes.

Owners can also log into this online system and to track payments and much more. Property is videos’d and pictures are taken before and after as evidence of how the renter took care of the property.

Catalyst almost always has replacement tenants before the existing tenants even move out. But, they aren’t going to inconvenience tenants by showing the rental unit multiple times. When they show homes to prospective tenants, they set up two days that the rental will be made available for showings. This gives tenants time to prepare, and doesn’t inconvenience them. Prospective tenants can only view the properties on these set days, but better come ready to sign a lease, because there is usually lots of competition.

So how much does it cost to use Catalyst as Logan Property Managers?

The charge is usually 10% of  the rent collected, but they do offer discounts for owners of multiple properties.  There is also a $35 fee twice a year for the 60 point maintenance inspection. There are no fees for tenant replacement, or anything else.

Mark Lunt, the head honcho of Catalyst has lots of experience with renovations, tenant management, and has seen all the houses in Logan as he used to be a post master. So if you’re looking for the best Property Management Company in Logan, Catalyst is the way to go.

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