The Herald Journal: News – Cache property values drop

Here is some more information on the Cache County Tax Assessments from the Herald Journal. They verified that Logan Home Values are down. Apparently I inspired them, as my blog wound up being half their article.

Property values across Cache County are down 10 percent, according to the County Assessor’s Office, which sent out property value notices late last week.

Some areas, including Clarkston and Newton, saw increases in value, but only because they had not been assessed in several years, said Cache County Executive Lynn Lemon. Homes in the $300,000 range took the hardest hit, said Lemon.

The county mailed out annual truth in taxation notices Thursday and Friday.

The across-the-board decline is a turnabout from 2009, when the value of property in the county collectively rose about $500 million from 2008 to $5.58 billion. The 10 percent decline reported by the assessors office equals a $558 million loss in total value.

Local real estate agent and blogger Alan Barker weighed in on the assessments on his blog:

County Auditor Tamra Stones said the county has so far accepted appeals from two property owners contesting the county’s assessed value. Property owners can still appeal values.

Of Cache County’s 42,043 parcels:

33,624 saw value decline

7,859 saw value increase

560 saw value stay the same

24,930 saw tax increase

17,113 saw tax decrease

Source: Cache County Assessor’s Office

via The Herald Journal: News – Cache property values drop.

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