Logan Just Got Safer

New Traffic Light on South End of Logan UtahWe all know that Logan is One of the Safest Communities in the Nation, well, as of today, it is even safer. There is now a functioning traffic light at the dangerous intersection of 100 W and Highway 89/91 by the South End Walmart.

For most people, this probably isn’t blog worthy news at all. For people who live on the North end of the valley, it is probably actually an inconvenience as it is one more traffic light they will have to stop at on the way out of town. For those of us working for Cornerstone Real Estate Professionals, this is great news. We can now feel like we don’t have to put our lives in jeopardy every time we cross this intersection. Our clients who meet us at our office can now follow us to a home showing, without getting stuck trying to make the turn.

Since the new Wal-Mart was built there have been multiple accidents and several deaths at this intersection.  I may even actually go to the east side of town once in a while now that I can do it safely.

So if you haven’t bought a house in Logan Utah yet, because you have been afraid of the intersection by Cornerstone’s office, you have no more excuses. It’s time to buy Logan Real Estate.

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