Logan Real Estate Market Improving

Homes in Logan UtahThe Logan Utah Real Estate market saw a huge drop in home sales activity following the expiration of the tax credit. Now we are starting to see things improve a little bit. The number of homes for sale, has gone down, and the number of homes under contract has gone up. Two weeks ago there were 908 Cache Valley Homes for sale, now that number is down to 891. At the beginning of the month there were just 97 homes under contract, now there are 107.

While these improvements are minimal, the good news is that they are improved and the real estate recovery is headed back in the right direction again.

2 Responses to “Logan Real Estate Market Improving”

  1. Josh Mettle says:

    We are seeing things improve here in SLC as well Alan, there was a big slow down immediately after the tax credit expired but we’re slowly returning to normal. I just posted a great article to my website called 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Home Today: http://www.joshmettle.com/reports/16

    I hope you enjoy it and pass it along to your clients.

  2. Chris says:

    This is indeed good news..

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