More Pictures Please!

The Cornerstone Home SearBad Photo of Logan House for Salech websites are great. They are easy to use, informative, and provide information people want when looking for Utah homes for sale. The listings on all of our websites including,, Real Estate Logan, and Northern Utah Home Search, get their listings from an IDX feed taken directly from the WFRMLS. This means, the listings are updated daily, and are usually very accurate.

However, the data provided in these listings is subject to errors. Listing agents of the properties for sale actually input the data, and upload the pictures. While most real estate agents are good about providing good pictures and info, some are not. Some are lazy, or just have no skills taking photos of homes for sale and uploading them to the internet. Some of the pictures look like they are just taken while driving by the house for sale. We at Cornerstone have no control over the listings and the way they appear on our websites, unless they are actually Cornerstone Listings.

The most common request we get from people looking for homes on Cornerstone Websites is, “Can I see more pictures of this property?

While occasionally listing agents have additional photos they haven’t uploaded on the MLS, they usually don’t. Sometimes its possible for our buyers agents to visit the properties and take pictures for our clients, but in some instances it doesn’t make sense.

The good news for home lookers looking for more pictures is that the MLS has now required that each listing have a minimum of six photos. Four of these photos must be of the interior of the house for sale.  This new regulation should help make our home sites even more useful, as there shouldn’t be any more listings that have one or no photos.

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