New Rural Zoning Laws for Cache County?

Rural Land in Cache County Where Zoning Could ChangeCache County is proposing some changes in the current zoning laws in the rural areas. Right now, an A10 Zone means that lots have to be a minimum of 10 acres to have a home built. So, if there is a 40 Acre lot, it can be subdivided into a development that has four, 10 acre lots.

Cache County is proposing a zoning change where 4 houses can be built on smaller lots but still only 4 per every 40 acres. The 40 acre parcel would be divided so that 70% of the land would be used for Greenbelt, and 30% for Residential. As incentive for rural land owners subdividing using this method, they are talking about allowing 5 property’s in the residential portion, as long as 70% remains the greenbelt, agricultural lot. The 70% agricultural percentage will have no rights for building homes. They are also talking about reducing the greenbelt back taxes currently required when agricultural land is converted to residential.

This appears to be a good way to preserve some of the rural Cache Valley Farm land, while also allowing the farmers to get more money from their land. Most people who want to live in rural areas, don’t necessarily want to take care of a full 10 acres of land. Two or three acres is usually enough land for the large gardens, and pasture areas they want. People that want to live in the country, usually want to for the open space and rural feel. This is a possible solution that can better the situation while helping Cache Valley land to maintain its rural identity.

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