Number of HUD Homes in Logan Utah Increasing

Before I ever got my real estate license, I was always interested in HUD homes. I didn’t really understand what they were, but just new that they were foreclosure homes that were usually in disrepair and could be purchased for less than other real estate. One deceiving thing I learned about HUD homes is that they only tell you the square footage, and number of bedrooms bathrooms above grade. So Hud homes with basements are actually a lot bigger than they look on the listing.

In Utah, HUD listings are posted on the internet every Friday. In my early days of real estating, I diligently looked every Friday to see if there were any new HUD homes in the Logan area. Most Friday’s there weren’t any HUD Homes in Cache Valley. There were always a few in Ogden, but rarely were there any in Logan. At that time, I’d estimate that there was maybe one new Hud home every two weeks. Because the pickings were so slim, I soon lost my zeal for checking for new HUD homes every week, because there just weren’t enough of them.

Well, as evidence that foreclosures are increasing in Cache Valley, HUD home numbers are way up. There are currently 12 homes for sale in Cache County that are HUD properties. These include townhouses, condos, manufactured homes, ramblers and bungalows. Most of these homes are priced at less than $100,000, and the most expensive of the HUD homes currently for sale has a list price of $145,000. Some of the properties are only available to people who want to owner occupy them, but most of these homes are now open to all bidders.

Click this link if you want to view the currently listed HUD Homes in Cache Valley Utah.

Cornerstone Real Estate is a certified HUD Broker. If you would like to take a tour of any of the HUD homes in Northern Utah or Southern Idaho, contact a Cornerstone Real Estate agent today at (435) 227-5595.

Here are a few of the Newest Hud Homes:

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  1. Its really a good news that they are increasing,as it could be purchased for less than other real estate.

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