Need to Sell Your Home This Summer? You Might Wan’t to List Your Home Now

For Logan Utah Real Estate, it’s still the dead of winter, there isn’t much snow left, but that doesn’t mean that winter is over, or even close to being over.

Spring is typically the busiest time of year for the listing of Logan homes, as most people want to move during the summer months when school is out. There are also more buyers during spring. The typical seller will think, “I’ll wait until spring to list my home.”

While there will be more buyers, there will also be a lot more listings, and a lot more competitions. And while most of the will-be buyers are not out actually looking at homes yet, they are looking at them online.

Online buyer activity is currently up by more than 35% for our Utah Real Estate websites compared with December. Almost all home buyers start their home search online, and if your house isn’t there yet, buyers aren’t going to fall in love with it.

We are starting to see a large spike in the number of listings in Cache Valley, and this number will keep rising. Unless the number of buyers outpaces the number of new listings, home prices will continue to decline.

It may not be the most convenient time, but your chances of selling your home by summer will probably be better if you list now rather than later.

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