Logan Growth, Zoning, and Traffic Issues

The experts are predicting that Cache Valley will double its growth in the next 20-30 years. While this is exciting, Logan wasn’t exactly planned for a large population. As somebody who lives in the North end of the valley, but who works on the South end, I know from first hand experience the frustration of having to deal with main street traffic. While there are some efforts in place to alleviate Main street traffic, the 10th West project, the city just wasn’t built to be a large metro area.

Growth is going to happen and it’s something we’re going to have to deal with. One recent building in the works is a big project that is in the process of being approved for construction on 10th North near the University. This potential condominium complex would be about 10 stories high, and would be the largest structure in Logan. There has been some opposition to it, but there are also many valid reasons why structures like this is what the valley will need to sustain the future growth. Here are some thoughts that Mark Lunt of Catalyst Property Management has to say about the 10th North project, and the potential Tenth North Condo Tower:

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