Logan Utah Ranks #9 Nationally for Unemployment

One thing that is helping the Logan Real Estate market is the fact that the employment rate here is very good. In fact, Logan ranks #9 nationally for unemployment. While the jobs here don’t necessarily pay a lot, they are in fact jobs allowing people to take care of themselves. Check out what USA today says:

• Oct. 2012 unemployment rate: 3.8% tied for 9th

• Total population:124,813

• Median household income: $46,356

While the October unemployment rate was less than half of the national rate of 7.9%, the metropolitan area is not affluent. In fact, the 2011 median household income in the area was much lower than the national median of $50,502 and the state median of $55,869. Only 2% of families in the Logan made more than $200,000 in 2011, significantly less than the 5.6% of families across the U.S. Utah State University, which employs more than 2,600 people, is located in Logan. Education and training represents just shy of 10% of the total workforce.

via Ten cities with the lowest unemployment rates.

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