A Few Things To Know About Selling Real Estate

It’s happened. Something in your life has changed, or will be changing, and you need to sell your home. Here are some important things to know about selling Logan real estate.

1. Price the home right.

If a home isn’t priced right not only will it not sell. It won’t even be considered. Almost 90% of home buyers begin their home search on the internet. Because many buyers look only at those homes within their price range, it’s important to accurately price your home for the market. The higher a home’s price above market, the fewer the number of interested buyers, and the longer it will take to sell.

The key to selling your home quickly at the greatest return is to price it at market value right from the start. A fairly priced home will capitalize on the flurry of buyer interest a home enjoys during its first few weeks on the market. With our market shifting towards a possible sellers market, It’s even more pricing right also gives you potential of having multiple, competing offers.

2. Make sure the home is marketed to as many potential qualified buyers as possible.

Place the home on the Internet, and include lots of pictures. As mentioned before, this is where buyers look first. Your home needs to be placed on the MLS. The tool used by Realtors to find all active listings. Almost 3/4 buyers are brought in by an agent who is not the one you hired. By placing your home on the MLS, it will automatically appear on thousands of different websites.

3. Have your home readily available for potential buyers to see at all times.

Buyers aren’t always available, and aren’t always thinking about you as the seller. Many buyers come from out of town and are available for one day and one day only. If they can’t get into your house, you might have blown the opportunity to sell it. On this note, make sure the listing agent you select is always available, answers their phone. The last thing you want is for your home not to sell because of your agents inability to communicate.

4. Keep your home clean, and make simple repairs to help it show well.

Here are a few basic tips to help you make your home stand out:
* Clean or paint the front door to make a sharp first impression
* Remove family pictures to make it easier for buyers to imagine living in the home
* Organize closets and consider moving unnecessary items to a temporary storage unit to make storage areas appear larger. Remove as much junk as possible.
* Clear as many objects from shelves as possible and remove some of the furniture
* In the bathroom consolidate cosmetics to an organized container you can keep out of sight
* Have carpets professionally cleaned for a fresh look and smell, especially if you have pets
* Remove any unsightly wood scraps, junk, and building materials from the yard
* Power-wash your driveway, decks and porches to remove moss and buildup

5. Make a good First Impression

As you prepare your home for the market, one thing to keep in mind is that you have only one chance to make a first impression. It is absolutely vital that prospective buyers form a good impression of your home–beginning the moment they drive up.

You can help create that good first impression by presenting potential buyers with a well-cared-for yard including a mowed lawn. Your front door and porch should be clean and neat, preferably freshly painted.

These first important encounters create a positive impression that carries through to the rest of your home. An inviting atmosphere implies that your house has been well maintained and taken care of. Homes that convey pride of ownership frequently receive the best offers.

If your home appears disheveled or uncared for, prospective buyers may quickly conclude it’s been neglected and is in need of repairs. Such a negative impression can result in a less-than-generous offer–but more likely, no offer at all.

Try viewing your home through a potential buyer’s eyes. Would YOU buy your home?

What You Should Know About Selling By Owner

The fact is, that the average home listed sells for 16% more than the average for sale by owner price. It’s really hard to sell by owner unless your house is substantially less expensive. Homes listed, and fully marketed are considered market value. Homes by owner need to be a deal. They don’t have the marketing exposure, or legal protection as when real estate agents are used. They will be unknown by the large majority of the potential buyers.

Buyers looking for FSBO’s are looking for a deal, they feel they should be rewarded for finding the house themselves, and will almost always low ball an offer.

In reality, it’s actually the buyer who pays the commission. The price of the home is bumped up from the for sale by owner price to take care of the commissions. 87% of people who try selling by owner end up listing with an agent anyways. The commission is taken out of the sellers proceeds because buyers don’t generally have excess money. It’s usually best to just list with an agent rather than waste time trying to sell by owner.

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